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Your support of the Community Arts Partnership's Annual Fund makes our work of strengthening the arts throughout Tompkins County possible! See the many ways to donate and contribute below.

Ways to Get Involved

If you would like more information about being on the CAP board, serving as a CAP grant panelist, or being part of one of our events or programs, email Robin Schwartz, Program & Grant Director, at

Succeeding Together / Become an Event Sponsor

To learn more about sponsoring one of our events or programs, email

Fund a Grant Program

CAP five grant programs help fund local artists, arts organizations, and cultural organzations, making exemplary arts programming available to geographically, ethnically, and racially diverse segments of the County's population, and supporting the continued development of local cultural resources that are responsive to community's cultural needs.  Funds for CAP's grant programs come from the County, the State, and local businesses and individuals. 

If you would like to add funds to one of our grant programs, or work with CAP to create your own artist fund, email Executive Director, Megan Barbar at

2024 Annual Fund (THANK YOU!)
The Community Arts Partnership is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.
our donation is tax deductible and we'll follow up with a thank you letter or email. 

Please add a note with your preferred e-mail, and name(s) as you'd like to be addressed in correspondence.

You can use any credit card at this link:



to: "Community Arts Partnership" to Community Arts Partnership, 110 N. Tioga Street, #301, Ithaca, NY 14850.  Include: Your e-mail, and name(s) as you'd like to be addressed in correspondence.


Via Facebook Fundraiser!

This year, celebrate your birthday or other special occasion with a Facebook fundraiser for CAP!  It's such a great way to support your favorite not-for-profit organizations. It's easy: You create a fundraising post and then any funds raised get sent directly to the not-for-profit you are supporting.

Click HERE for PDF instructions, and Thank You!



In your Estate Planning (Instructions)

By making a gift to CAP in your will or estate plan, you continue your legacy by ensuring that arts and culture remain a central part of our community, and that people all across our county continue to live creative and expressive lives. The process is simple. Here's a PDF that explains the process. Contact CAP’s Executive Director, Megan Barber anytime to discuss possiblities. 607-273-5072 or




Thank you!