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Brenna Fitzgerald

Grantee Focus on Brenna Fitzgerald

“How Does An Artist Choose Their Path?”

Brenna Fitzgerald, one of 14 recipients of our 2019 Specific Opportunity Stipend (SOS), says “I’ve always been challenged to find a career path where all my interests and things I wanted to offer the world all came together. I’ve changed careers a million times and wandered physically and vocationally. I didn’t follow a straight path.”

Brenna Fitzgerald was well on her way to being a professional dancer until injury and a trip to India at the age of eighteen laid the foundation for a new path in her life.

“Transitioning from the identity of a dancer to something else was tough,” said Fitzgerald. “India helped me in that process. There is so much culture and there is so much spiritually. It was quite stimulating and I could really explore.”

All the while, she was writing - filling three to four pages in her journals daily. After a year in India, Fitzgerald returned to the states to follow a number of her interests including film and media studies, arts journalism, teaching, publishing and writing.  

Currently Fitzgerald is a writer, creativity and health coach, yoga instructor, and entrepreneur, as well a writer and communications and outreach coordinator at Cornell University.

CAP’s SOS grant helped Brenna with funds to attend the 2019 Colgate Writers’ Conference to workshop her new book-length collection of creative nonfiction essays. “This conference is an amazing opportunity for me to receive written in-depth feedback on my book-length manuscript, be challenged and coached, AND pitch my manuscript to agents.”

Though sometimes it can hard to balance all of the different hats she wears, she wouldn’t have it any other way!  

Stay tuned for a summer workshop at CAP led by Brenna called “Writing from the Body”.  

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Grantee Focus on Bruce Levitt

In 2018, CAP awarded over 30 local artists a Specific Opportunity Stipend. "SOS" is designed to help artists take advantage of significant career opportunities.

Bruce Levitt, Professor in the Department Performing and Media Arts at Cornell University, was one of the artists in the recent October SOS cycle to receive the grant. His award will assist with the costs associated with an important opportunity from Factory Films Limited to distribute his film, "Human Again." about the Phoenix Players Theatre Group (PPTG) at the Auburn Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in Auburn New York. The film has already won a number of awards at national film festivals.

"This distribution opportunity will raise the visibility for myself and the film world-wide," Levitt says. "It will call attention to the issues of addressing trauma in incarcerated people, and lead to invitations for me to give presentations around the world, increasing opportunity to advocate for drastic changes within the criminal justice system. The film is a powerful testimony to the human potential that is sometimes wasting away in prisons. Thank you to CAP for providing support to this important program!"

PPTG was founded in 2009 by a small group of incarcerated men dedicated to the idea that theatre work, combined with group inner healing work, is a true opportunity for them to connect and to become more fully human. Co-founder Michael Rhynes wrote: "Like the mythological Phoenix, we want to rise from the ashes of an unproductive and shameful past to live in the present as a redeemed person."

Levitt has been a facilitator for PPTG for nine years. While the group is led by the incarcerated men, but also have a core group of theatre arts people who facilitate weekly workshops and help them write and perform their shows. "Human Again" is based on the development of one of those shows. 

Visit to see their shows and learn much more.