Providing grants, programs, and services to the artists and audiences of Tompkins County for over 25 years

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Your support of the Community Arts Partnership's annual fund makes our work of strengthening the arts throughout Tompkins County possible.  Through individual and organizational grants, workshops, artist markets and art spaces, CAP helps connect a community of artists to the community at large.  Please consider a contribution today in honor of CAP's over 25 years of service to Ithaca and Tompkins County.

Annual Report, Video, and More About CAP at "Who We Are."

MAIL to the CAP Office with your name, address and e-mail to:
Community Arts Partnership, 171 E. State/MLK Jr. Street, Ithaca, NY 14850    


Thank you to our wonderful supporters!

Here is a list of those who gave support in 2015. 


Tompkins Trust Company

CAP PATRONS, $800 TO $4,999

The Wood Office
Thaler & Thaler
Shelley and Ron Cooper
Norathco Foundation

CAP ADVOCATES, $100 to $799

Adrian McNair
Allen Smith and Diane Janowski
Amanda Ryen-Yowhan
Barbara Pease
Carolyn Sampson
Charlie Trautmann
CSP Management
Daniel and Jean McPheeters
David Feldshuh & Martha Frommelt
Tom Bohn
Elayne and Robert Nicholas
Finger Lakes Wealth Management
George Rhoads
Gerry Monaghan
Jari Poulin
Jim and Terry Byrnes
Joel and Cathy Zumoff
John and Carol Spence
Jon Reis Photo and Design
Judy Barringer
Katie & Olan Forker
Levene Gouldin & Thompson
Liese Bronfenbrenner
Linda Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Regan
Mr. and Mrs. John Little
Mr. Bill Trochim
Mr. Mark Irwin
Ms. Laurel Hecht
Ms. Lucia Tyler
Nancy Viera Couto
Precision Filters, Inc.
Roger and Carole Sibley
Ronald Harris-Warrick
Ryan Curtis
Sally and David Grubb
Saltonstall Foundation
Sheila Danko and  David Kuckuk
Stephen Salino
Susan Larkin
Tessa  Flores
Thomas Bruce & Judith Pratt
True Insurance
Werner Sun

TO $99

Amy Reading & Jay Farmer
Barbara Mink
Barbara Page
Camille Doucet
Chris White
Chris Zinder
David Watkins
Deborah Jones
Dede Hatch Photography
Derek and Nora Burrows
Diana Nathanielsz
Dooley Kiefer
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Klepack
Ed Brothers
Felicia Poes
Fran Markover
Frank and Margaret Robinson
George Holets
Helena Cooper
Hunt and Mary Bradley
Ileen Kaplan and Mike Maxwell
Irene Zahava
Irina Kassabova
Jamie Ferris
Jim Self
Jim Spitznagel
John Hopper
John Saunders
Johnny Russo
Juee Johnson
Julia Dean
June and Robert Silberman
Karen Kucharski
Katharyn Howd Machan
Kathy Friedrich
Kathy Morris
Katrina Morse
Kieth Emery
Kumi Korf
Levene Gouldin & Thompson
Lewis Ward
Lisa Tsetse
Lynne Taetzsch
Marilyn Rivchin
Martha Armstrong
Mary Kane
Mary Pat Dolan
Mary Reynolds
Mary Shelley
Matthys Van Court & Beth Prentice
Megan Roberts
Minna Resnick
Mr. Charles Guttman and Ms. Shirley Ladd
Fred Rowley
Fred Schoeps
Fred Warner
Greg McQuade
Guy Krogh
Karl Kayser
Leslie Sandman
Mark Weiler
Monroe Payne
Steve Poleski
Anne Gossen
Bryna Silbert
Celia Bowers
Charlotte Sharkey
Elaine Derby
Erin Deneuville
Fran Spadafora-Manzella
Heidi Lee
Kate Klein
Kathy Armstrong
Lesley Tillotson
Lesley Williamson
Linda Graves
Margaret Corbit
Marissa Blair-Richards
Mary Roberts
Nancy Dolge
Nina Miller
Rachel Lampert
Robyn Wishna
Tamara Watson
Torie Tiffany
Nerys Gregory
Nonie White
Norah Kaplan-Selig
Patti Witten
Patty Elwin Davis
Philip & Mary McPheron
Regi Carpenter
Rob Licht
Robin Schuttenberg
Sherry Scanza
Sheryl Sinkow
Sorayya Kahn
Steve Carver
Stewart Auyash
Sue Perlgut
Susan Blumenthal
Terry Marcus
Thomas Kurz
Tom and Ellen Bonn
Virginia Cobey

If you feel that your name has been incorrectly listed above, please contact John Spence,