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The Community Arts Partnership ArtSpace is a multi-use space for the exhibition of works by local artists. A new exhibit hangs each month throughout the year. 

June 8 to June 30
Gallery Night: Friday, June 9, 5pm to 8pm (note this is the SECOND Friday of the month - so as not to compete with the Ithaca Festival.) 
Laurel Hecht: Resilient Nature
“My most recent paintings depict oversized flowers and intertwining stems on a soothing, sometimes pulsing, background. I am fascinated by interweaving stems, branches, and even root systems in my garden, a tangled world that often goes unnoticed. “If someone were to ask me what makes an artist or an artwork great, I would have to say the ability to lose yourself in the painting is fundamental. The artist, as well as the viewer, must be able to find the magic and the fluidity that comes from pausing your mind and letting something else take over,” says Laurel Hecht. Many of Laurel Hecht's pieces are just that: paintings of brilliant, fluid, dreamy color transformed into a whole ecosystem of flowers, ponds, trees and their inhabitants. "They are images that came to me when I was able to let go of all the noise of everyday life," says Hecht.

“Just the act of painting, creating something tangible out of the images in my mind, makes me happy. And I’m just in love with color. I can be leafing through a magazine and a certain color strikes me. So I’ll cut out the image and take it to my studio and try to recreate that color. You can definitely see it in my paintings. I believe any thing can be any color. I painted a portrait of my two late dogs where Shadow the Shepard is green and Rockette the Boxer is orange. I just felt their personalities were best represented by those two colors. Sometimes my wife looks at me sideways when I’m getting dressed, asking am I really going to wear that because those colors don’t match. I always respond with, “Every color goes with every color!”

“Resilient Nature” is a show of acrylic paintings on canvas and board by Laurel Hecht. This is her first solo show in Ithaca since moving back to her hometown of Cleveland a few years ago. Although she has shown in Ithaca periodically over the past 35 years, this is her first show here since 2009, and she is excited to share some of her recent work with fellow Ithacans.

Two ongoing series of paintings, titled "The Quiet Ones" and "Safe Places”, are included in the show. In "The Quiet Ones", paintings of floral bouquets depict oversized flowers and intertwining stems on a soothing, sometimes pulsing, background.  "In 'Safe Places', I have painted the trees surrounding my yard. Their interweaving stems, branches, and even root systems, this tangled world that often goes unnoticed, fascinates me. Ithaca and Cleveland are very woody, and people take their gardens very seriously. I get a lot of inspiration from my gardens, and I am very attentive to woods and gardens passing through the seasons. I guess I’m like a Border Collie, constantly patrolling my little one acre, discovering what’s new. I’ve spent a lot of time finding out what works in my gardens, what doesn’t, and moving plants around.”

“A friend of mine commented that this new body of work reminded her of Odilon Redon’s florals. This immediately brought back a memory of seeing Redon and Degas posters on the wall of a grade-school playmate. I was transfixed. Looking back, of course his work influenced me,” says Laurel.

“I have a long history in Ithaca that started in 1981, my first summer here spent as a holiday from New York City. Moving to Ithaca full-time a few years later, I became part of the art scene, participating in art shows all over the city. I was a member of The State of The Art Gallery since it’s opening, and played a founding role in the birth of the Ithaca Artists Market. I also sat on the board of The Community Arts Partnership from 2004 until leaving in 2009.

Laurel Hecht lives with her wife and three dogs in Pepper Pike, Ohio, and paints in a spacious studio in Beachwood, Ohio, in a warehouse district nearby.

July 5 to July 31
Gallery Night: Friday, July 7, 5pm to 8pm
Greater Ithaca Art Trail Group Exhibit
All forty artists that are part of the Greater Ithaca Art Trail will be part of this exhibit. 





August 1 to August 27

Gallery Night: Friday, August 4, 5pm to 8pm
Peter Fortunato: Recollection: selected works 2014-2016
“I plan to present various pieces created during the years 2014-2016. This period has been marked by several important breakthroughs for me in terms of technique and the evolution of my vision as an artist working in various media.”




September 1 to September 30
Gallery Night: Friday, September 1, 5pm to 8pm
CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale Extraordinaire
This year, hundreds of previously owned works of art will be available for sale at very low prices for this annual CAP fundraiser. 


October 2 to October 30
Gallery Night: Friday, October 6, 5pm to 8pm
Dan McPheeters: Bubblescapes: Dance of the Spheres
This exhibit features pigment ink prints exploring the Cosmos and the vast Dance of Quantum Bubbles.






November 1 to November 26
Gallery Night: Friday, November 3, 5pm to 8pm

Ithaca Underground: A Decade in the Underground: Posters, Art, and Artifacts
Ithaca Underground celebrates ten years of nurturing a radically inclusive, safe space for music & art outside the mainstream. 
Over the last decade, Ithaca Underground has grown from a hobby for DIY concerts to an ever-expanding, caring community of the talented, the inspired, and the weird. 
In addition to hundreds of live, all-ages music events, IU continues to provide learning and growth opportunities for volunteer artists, designers, photographers, videographers, grant writings, sound engineers, and marketeers.
This November, IU will showcase posters and prints from the decade of events -- many for sale -- augmented with art and artifacts from the events and growth along the way.  




November 28 to December 29

Gallery Night: Friday, December 1, 5pm to 8pm
Fernando Llosa: Movement at the Heart of Matter; Emptiness at the Heart of Movement


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