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Mission Statement

CAP was founded in 1990 to act as an advocate for the arts, serve the public by providing services and resources for county artists and arts organizations, and encourage collaboration among arts, education, business, civic and government organizations.Learn more

Cultivating, Nourishing and Growing the Arts

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Ithaca Artists Markets

Ithaca Artists Market 2014
Friday, July 25, 2pm to 8pm
Location: Ithaca Farmers Market,
Steamboat Landing

Intersection of Third Street & Route 13.  Turn at "Aldi" and "B&W Supply"

(GPS Address: 545 Third St, Ithaca, NY 14850)

See it Live, Buy it Local!

Each year the Artists' Market fills all 88 booths at the Farmers Market location in a unique, once-a-year, can't miss event.  No admission fee! Just come!

Over 70 established  artists are juried into the Ithaca Artists' Market each year to showcase and sell some of the best art in the region. Visitors to the market have the special opportunity to meet and talk with all these artists in one place and to buy works of all shapes, sizes, and disciplines: paintings, prints, photographs, functional work, sculpture, stained glass, collage, fiber art and digital work. Now including books, music, video and more!

In addition to the artists, about 12 Tompkins County arts organizations have booths, giving the public a chance to learn about their mission, and maybe get a sneak preview of their upcoming events!

The remaining booths feature food vendors offering everything from full meals to desserts, and wine. (See list below)

Music sets the mood all day long with the East Hill Jazz Group with local musicians Johnny Russo, on trumpet and trombone, Doug Robinson on guitar, Brian Earle on clarinet and London McDaniels on bass. 

Check out the slide show in left hand column!

Our goal is to provide the public with a varied show as well as giving local artist the opportunity to sell.

Sold at booth 44 at the market
Tickets are only $1 each! See list here. 
Choose the items you wish to win

64. Milly Acharya, Watercolors
19. Kari Aguila, Writer: Novel
83. Adam Arnsten Delli-Bovi, Acrylic on paper, prints,
83. Susan Arnsten-Russell, Prints, notecards
36. Madeline Bialke, Oil Paintings
46. Helen Bigsby, Watercolor Paintings
74. Angelina Blaisich, Needle Felted Fine Art
8.   Christa M. Boice, Photographs
57. Mary Ann Bowman, Ceramics
57. Stan Bowman, Photography
10. Nancy Boyce, Handpainted Objects
37. Jim M. Burlitch, Photographs
62. Lisa Burns, Fused glass, stained glass
40. Cheryl Chalmers, Watercolors, prints
42. Aidan Chambliss, Sculpture, jewelry, prints
71. Chris Charles, Cards, posters
28. Marika Chew, Watercolors, prints,
28. Camille Chew, Handpainted jewelry, prints
35. Karin Marlett Choi, Cards, books, CDs, poetry chapbooks
13. Nancy Crane, Clay statues, tiles,
69. Ryan Curtis, Paintings
47. Daniel Elswit, Photographs
26. Jane Ferriera, Pressed Flowers, prints, cards
70. Marc Freedman, Original wood sculptures
66. Matt Glaysher, Ceramics, sculpture
15. Sonoka Fukuma Gozelski, Collage, prints
9.   Hannah Graeper, Ceramics
75. Gary Harned, 3D crafts
34. Dede Hatch, Photographs
56. Benjamin & Laura Hobbs, Fine furniture
6.   Jacob & Lisa Hodson, Kokeshi dolls, wooden bowls
42. Anke Hoffstaetter, Paintings, prints
87. Mary Beth Ihnken, Paintings
43. Momoko Takeshita Keane, Ceramics
27. Jordan Kornreich, Oil Paintings, charcoals
77. Alison E. Kurek, Paintings, prints, cards
16. Susan C. Larkin, Photographs
51. Sabah Light, paintings
53. Nicholas Longo, Photographs
60. Candy Lucas, Collage, prints
86. Carlton J. Manzano, Oil Paintings
29. Colleen McCall, Handpainted stoneware pottery
22. Tracy Mcevilly, Pottery
41. Daniel McPheeters, Prints
38. Kathy Morris, Photographs, prints, books, collage
80. Alice Muhlback, Paintings, prints, posters
21. Bill Mutch, Prints
17. Graham Ottoson, Functional gourd art
5.   Karen Pakkala, Watercolors, prints
73. Monroe Payne, Photography
48. Sue Perlgut, Video: Original documentaries
33. Jenny Pope, Woodcuts, ceramics
27. Hannah Porter, Digital photography
18. Michael D. Price, Paintings, prints, cards
55. Sophia Readling, Jewelry
39. Mary Reynolds, Drawings
7.   Nancy Ridenour, Photographs, tiles
84. Gary Edward Rith, Mugs, Vases, bowls.
14. Kadie Salfi, Cyanotypes
3.   Mary Michael Shelley, Painted woodcarvings
63. Jia Sheng Paintings, prints, posters
79. June Silberman, Fiber art
61. Grant Silverstein, Etchings
2.   Allen C. Smith, Oil paintings, watercolors
32. Christi Sobel, Watercolors, prints, shoes etc.
72. Pat Sorbini, Hand bound books, collage
20. Mark Speiser, Functional wooden items
1.   Carol Spence, Mixed media paintings
19. Michele Steffey, Prints
31. Meyer Stolov, Paintings
68. Susan Verberg, Photography, ceramics
31. Fred B. Warner, Jr., Watercolors
12. Mark Watson, Paintings, drawings, small sculpture
67. Christine Zinder, Watercolors, giclees, cards

On the Street (Pita)
4.   Asian Taste
25. Biz & Benny's Juice Company
50. Khemer Angkor Cambodian Food
54. Osakaya Japanese Food
58. La Paladar Cuban Food
85. Blue Wave Pastry, soul satisfying old world pastry
88. King Ferry Winery, wine by the glass!

11. Cayuga Vocal Ensemble
45. Community Arts Partnership
81. Community School of Music and Arts
49. Cultura! Ithaca
30. Hangar Theater
65. History Center in Tompkins County
78. The Ink Shop Printmaking Center
82. Saltonstall Colony
59. State of the Art Gallery

51. WITH-FM 90.1
The East Hill Jazz Group


The Artists' Markets (there's also one in December) are annual events organized by the Community Arts Partnership (CAP) of Tompkins County. Other programs of CAP include the Greater Ithaca Art Trail, Spring Writes Literary Festival, the CAP ArtSpace, the Holiday Artists Market, and CAP also offers grants, workshops, an on-line registry and other services for local artists and arts organizations.

For more information on the Artists Markets or CAP's programs, grants, and services for artists, visit or contact Program Director, Robin Schwartz at