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Creating Websites, Blogs, Social Networking

After making my list below, I found a blog by artist Moshe Mikanovsky with his amazing "List of 120+ websites for artists to build an online presence". Visit him at

Here is Moshe's list:

Software for Building a Free Website

There are hundreds of web templates on-line that you can use to create a website.  Our favorite for ease, design and features is  A "flash based" website means that everything you put on the site (text, images) are converted to images.  One of the disadvantages of a flash based site is that iphone, ipad, and other i portable devices can not pull up flash based  sites.  Search engines, like google, can not read text and therefore can not store your site. (You can get around this by adding a blog.)

The advantages are that folks can not steal your images, spammers can't pull your e-mail, AND build-your-own flash based websites can be used by anyone with a minimum of experience so that you can design and updates your own site and be completely in control. 

This site is completely free is you use wix as part of your web address, i.e. Buying your own URL ( can run about $100 a year with buying the name (about $10) and hosting (about $80 and up).

Technology links at

Note: Dreamweaver and GoLive 9 are popular professional programs used for designing html based websites.  You need a professional or someone with experience in these programs to do an html based site.

Making a Blog

"Blog" is short for web log.  This should be something you add to at least monthly.  With images or articles or thoughts. The idea is that this is something active that you share with your fans.  This keeps you in front of your patrons and possible patrons.  You can attach your blog to your flash based website. AND facebook. We recommend: or (Same site). Free. There is a tutorial! is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog

Some Social Networking Sites

Facebook -
We recommend you make a page on Facebook for your art making business. (A page is distinct from individual profiles and Facebook Groups) For information and advice about Facebook, go to or (The unofficial Facebook resource.)

A great article about artists' using Facebook

Soundcloud - An audio platform that enables sound creators to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds. (allows uploaded music)

LinkedIn - Business networking

WooLoo - lists opportunities, create profile and promote your art on the internet.

ArtReview - "a social networking site for the art world, creating a global forum for discussion, interactivity and debate."'

The Google + Project - take the interactive tour.


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