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Civic Ensemble

  • GAP Grant








    In April of 2018, Civic Ensemble and Cornell’s Department of Performing and Media Arts co-produced a workshop production of THE LONELINESS PROJECT, a new documentary play about loneliness in LGBTQIA+ youth and senior communities. Crafted from 60+ interviews with members of Chicago’s LGBTQIA+ communities, THE LONELINESS PROJECT is a tale of fierce activism, profound loneliness, and remarkable resilience.  The play and workshops in tandem lend themselves to entertaining important, intergenerational dialogue, gaining new understanding throughout the process.

    Caitlin Kane, one of the creators says "We knew we were interested in this concept of loneliness, and youth and seniors are involved -- what do we do with that?  “This project is exciting for the Civic Ensemble,” Kane says, “Civic hasn’t done a lot of LGBTQ+ work, so we're excited to be connecting with those populations, which are so present here. Part of it is that it is such an LGBTQ+ friendly town, but it’s not a place where there are a lot of gatherings. So, we’re creating that space for a while.”

     With the support of this CAP grant, The Loneliness Project can wholeheartedly invest in this ongoing discovery of stories in need of being told. We can't wait to see what might be uncovered during this process!

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Anna Coogan

  • Specific Opportunity Stipend
  • "Traveling to the Watermill Festival was an absolute joy and an honor. Gortliz is a fascinating place- it was just out of range of British bombers and so survived the war unlike many other German cities in the region. It also was part of the DDR- East Germany- until the fall of the Berlin wall. Because I speak German, I was able to have fascinating conversation about life in the DDR. About half the buildings in Gorlitz had been completely redone, and the other half looked straight out of a film about East Germany. The festival itself was fantastic, on the grounds of a brewery run by a young family who are creating a self-sustaining brewery in a former mill. I played with bands from Beruit,Lebanon, Germany, Poland, and Australia, and I was the sole American on the bill. Already I am planning another trip to East  Germany to play for the promoters, have discussed working on an opera with a local company in Gorlitz, and am hoping to travel to Beruit to check out their music scene, all thanks to this grant.  Thanks so much for making it possible!  Here's some footage from the festival!


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Finger Lakes Pottery Tour

  • Specific Opportunity Stipend
  • Ceramist Julie Crosby, one of the founders and organizers of the Pottery Tours said: "For a first year event, the Finger Lakes Pottery Tour was a big success. The funds from the CAP SOS grant added a significant amount to our starting budget. We were able to spend needed funds on marketing thanks to CAP and the SOS grant. Because we were able to reach so many people, the turnout was exceptional. Each studio was very busy throughout the weekend. Comments from visitors were all positive! Our sales went above and beyond what we expected for the first year. We will be doing this annually in hopes of making it a nationally recognized event, bringing in potters and visitors from further afield. In terms of a career boost, organizing and hosting this event gives us a chance to connect with others, talk about and celebrate what we do, further anchoring us to the community and the broader field of ceramics."   (Photo credits to Marilyn Rivchin)

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Lisa Tsetse

  • Arts Education Grant
  • Lisa Tsetse worked with pre-K students BJM Elementary School for a long arts residency called "All in a Day," a 5 month project using  creative movement arts and literacy that the children REALLY ENJOYED and helped them with literacy (and much more) through story, dance and music.

    Check out the really sweet video below!








    In the words of their teachers!:

    • Many of the students who are a little behind academically excelled during these times, and others who are academically strong were pushed to challenge themselves (confidence and strength)

    • While the students responded enthusastically to their natural desire to roll, run, leap and jump - they were subtly led by Lisa to redirect and extend their skills to higher order skills like following directions, literacy, building self-control, and rhythm.  Space navigation and bodily awareness were the most amazing aspects of this year's residency. "Stage Fright" is not in their lexicon anymore.

    • Some students said they felt like they could fly.

    • This was particularly meaningful for several students who tended to be quiet and reserved and have special needs. Now they have opened up through this process and are now some of my chatiest students!