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A Creative Writing Workshop: Clear, Imaginative Dialogue

With: Hardy Griffin
Date: Wednesday, December 11th, 5:30 to 7:00pm
Location: CAP ArtSpace, 110 N. Tioga St, on the Commons
Fee: $19, Registration Required


CAP Program Director Note: This workshop was presented at the Spring Writes Literary Festival this past May and it was PACKED, with great reviews, so we wanted to offer it again! 

Can you remember a great conversation you have had? Balance and inspired, these perfect moments are so much more than simply two people speaking—filled with energy and potential well beyond a couple of people speaking.
And can you bring a terrible argument you have had to mind? Both sides hacking away at the other, smashing through any and all limits.
This workshop will focus on ways to capture this power on the page, whether in fiction, creative non-fiction, theatrical scenes or screen- and teleplays. Dialogue, like a first date, can excite and propel people into a strong connection or it can turn them off. We will take a 3-step approach, beginning with a fluffy first draft, then editing that into a dynamic repartee, and finally acting out each other’s pieces for a spot-on third voicing. Bring pen/pencil and paper to write; everyone will have the chance to hear their dialogue read aloud if they want to volunteer.
Hardy Griffin wrote the chapter “Voice: The Sound of a Story” for Gotham Writers’ Workshop: Writing Fiction (Bloomsbury, 2003), and has published work in New Flash Fiction, Alimentum, Assisi, The Washington Post, and American Letters & Commentary among other. He is the co-editor of Witty Partition, an online journal of international writing at

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