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Mission Statement

CAP was founded in 1990 to act as an advocate for the arts, serve the public by providing services and resources for county artists and arts organizations, and encourage collaboration among arts, education, business, civic and government organizations.Learn more

Supporting the Artists of Tompkins County

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Our Supporters

Thank you to our wonderful supporters!

CAP's work is made possible from the support provided by a cross-section of the community that includes businesses, individuals, artists and arts organizations.

The New York State Council on the Arts provides general operating, program and project support. Locally, we receive general operating support and project support from Tompkins County.

Here is a list of those who gave support in 2013:


Cornell University
Ithaca College
Tompkins Trust Company

$1,000 TO $4,999
The Wood Office
M&T Bank
The Computing Center

$100 TO $999
Richard Adie
Beverly Baker
Brett Bossard & Kerry Barnes
Scott Bliss
Tom Bohn
Jon Bosak
Thomas Bruce
Derek & Nora Burrows
Jim & Terry Byrnes
Elissa Cogan & Barry Chester
Itai Cohen
Wendy & Dirk Dugan
Jo Ann & Brian Earle
David Feldshuh & Martha Frommelt
Katie & Olan Forker
First National Bank of Groton
Heather Harrick
Laurel Hecht
Holmberg, Galbraith, & Miller
Ink Shop Printmaking Center
Bill & Carol Klepack
Tom Knipe
Guy Krogh
Rachel Lampert
Susan Larkin
John & Amy Little
Carol Minton Morris
Gerry Monaghan
Ithaca Community Choruses
Bill & Stacey Murphy
Diana Nathanielsz
Bettsie Park
Jim Romeo & Christine D'Arco
The Jewelbox
Carolyn Sampson
John Saunders
Mary & Mike Stazi
Werner Sun
Chantal Thomas
Bill Trochim
True Insurance
Lucia Tyler
CFCU Community Credit Union
Saltonstall Foundation
Lesley Williamson
Alex Wood
Joel & Cathy Zumoff

TO $99

Ben Altman
Alan Bargar
Susan Blumenthal
Caroline Bond
Catherine Bonyak
Celia Bowers
Wes Boyer
Hunt & Mary Bradley
Liese Bronfenbrenner
Ed Brothers
Gwen Bullock
James Burlitch
Doug & Nancy Carrey-Beaver
Nicole Carrier-Titti
Cayuga Vocal Ensemble
Shirley Cleere
Helen Closs
Virginia Cobey
Christina Coleman
Helena Cooper
Marla Coppolino
Nancy Viera Couto
Gwen Davis-Feldman
Sheri Delia
Jane Dennis
Dora Donovan
Camille Doucet
Dennis Dougherty
Diane Duthie
Nigel Dyson-Hudson
Patty Elwin Davis
Donna Faivre-Roberts
David Flinn
Marc Freedman
Elizabeth Garrison
Rebecca Godin
Robert Grant
Sally & David Grubb
Jim Harper
Dede Hatch Photography
Aubrey Hetznecker
George Holets
Katharyn Howd Machan
Ithaca Community Orchestra
Ithaca Concert Band
Diane Janowski
Minnie Jardine
Ileen Kaplan & Mike Maxwell
Irina Kassabova
Michael & Holly Kazarinoff
Michelle Kiefer
Kumi Korf
Thomas Kurz
Carol LaBorie
Lori Lesh
Rob Licht
Kurt Lichtmann
Sandi & Michael Lowe
Candace Lucas
Linda Trees Mack
Terry Marcus
Jean & Daniel McPheeters
David Menichiello
Kathy Morris
Music's Recreation
David Neal
Thomas Niederkorn
Barbara Page
Kristen Park
Ann Reichlin
Minna Resnick
Mary Reynolds
Megan Roberts
Leslie Sandman
George Sapio
Kim Schrag
Ed Schulman
John Scott
Jim Self
Mary Shelley
June Silberman
Sheryl Sinkow
Allen Smith
Fran Spadafora-Manzella
Jeff Spence & Lisa Harris
John Spence
Elena Springett
Stu Stein
Ivy Stevens-Gupta
Ba Stopha
Steven Stull & Jeanne Goddard
Sarina & Dan Sullivan
Sorina Susnea
June Szabo
Rob Tarlach
Robyn Taylor
Lesley Tillotson
Parvine Toorawa
Margaret Van Houtte
David Wakoff
David Watkins
Kundry Willwerth
Gaia Woolf-Nightingall

If you feel that your name has been incorrectly listed above, please contact John Spence,